Dr. John Porter, Trauma Surgeon & Save Our Streets / by Eric Etheridge

Dr. John Porter, Trauma Surgeon and Division Head, Trauma Unit Level I, Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ:

Kindly recorded his story and the step by step process of what happens when a person is shot and how the Trauma Unit Team attempts to save their life starting on the street with the EMS Team. We also talked about gun fairs and gun laws about the health epidemic that is gun violence. This story will be heard in the COCOON NYC Bronx in 2017. The symbolic object that Dr. Porter contributed to COCOON is below.


Last night @ SOS Save Our Streets in the Bronx:

"We’ve lost good people this week. They leave behind children and loved ones and families. Anyone who has seen someone killed or lost loved ones to gun violence please raise your hand. Take a moment. Breathe. Think about those that you lost.”

Just as many people to the side, behind me and standing side by side in the next room raised their hands.