Paris Wet Proofs & Bronx Beginning / by Eric Etheridge

More wet proofs came in yesterday. Here's an earlier photo of Kevin and me choosing Eric's photos for the Paris book -- with Eric discussing those choices off camera. As the book moves toward the printing press, I've started -- with local field organizer Jewels Marshall (17 and already accomplished) and translator Alejandro Salgado (from Queens College MFA) -- organizing in Jackson, Melrose and Morrisania Air Rights for a COCOON NYC South Bronx 2016-2017.

We are going door to door in Jackson and organization to organization in the neighborhood. We have presented at PSA 7 roll call, CB1 and PSA 7 & Community Meeting. Thursdays we do our field organizing with the advice of TA Presidents in houses Jackson (Danny Barber), Melrose (Jennie Cruz), and Morrisania Air Rights (Cheney Yelverton). I am grateful.

I ran into a student who I collaborated with in 2011 at MS151 (where I worked with 150 students), and he is on his way to college. I ran into a young woman who participated in the Paris exchange 2014 -- who is now grown up and studying hard. I am looking forward to the launch of the Paris book and to especially continuing and picking up again where I left off in 2011 and 2014 in the Bronx for a COCOON illumination in 2017.

Kevin & me choosing Es photos with Eric off camera