Listening to the Coqui ... / by Eric Etheridge

talking history about --

Listening to the Coqui back home in Puerto Rico,

Black Nationalism and blockbusting,

Raising daughters who grow up to become teachers and principals,

Losing a child to gun violence,

Sweet 16teens at the community center (Morrisania Air Rights),

The power of economics and a community,

The Irish,

Making cabbage rolls stuffed with meat, onions, peppers,

and children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren,

-- the Bronx

the roots of the community.

PPS Andrew Jackson Center - Bronx - Thank you! Thank you Arlene Rivera. The COCOON Team: Mirana Zuger, Alejandro Salgado, Jewels Marshall, Eric Etheridge, Taj Collis and Kate Browne are looking forward to coming back! We had a wonderful 2 days with all of you. Thank you for the courage to participate.

Thank you Mirana Zuger for the photographs.