Super Sweet Day @ COCOON Open House / by Eric Etheridge


Here with Luz Marie, Alejo and Rosa in front of Eric's growing photo portrait exhibition of local people @ MARs.

As Danny Barber (Pres. The Jacksons) says, "COCOON is about recording history through audio and photographs"

And Saturday we were talking history about:

  • Amazing grandparents raising amazing grand children.
  • Hardships of becoming a permanent US resident.
  • Good times at community barbecues on the basketball court when everybody brought a different dish and multiple nationalities were represented.
  • Family & Neighbors supporting each other.

These stories and others will be heard inside my COCOON a public space sculpture.

Many thanks to Alejandro and Eric. Special thanks to Rosa for bringing refreshments and to Luz Marie for recording her beautiful story.

Always awesome thanks to my hosts and partners Chaney Yelverton (Pres. MARs) and Danny Barber (Pres. The Jacksons).