Taj and Me @ MARs Friday Fish Fry / by Eric Etheridge

Taj and me discussing interview techniques.

Delicious and I mean delicious Fried Fish & Fries at the Tenant's Community Room. Russell cooked up an amazing dinner with homemade mac&cheese and rice sides. And fresh fruit. 

We interviewed people about memories in the neighborhood.


  • about the importance of local people running their own community center 
  • about how it use to be running basketball tournaments in the Jacksons all day long, all summer long : little kids, teens and adults. 
  • about showing love and giving back to the community. 

Taj Collins has been working on Cocoon as a Field Organizer since Spring 2016. Like Jewels, he has now taken on the job of interviewing people along with me. So much fun and such good interviews. 

Another great day at MARs. 

Thanks Ilana for the photos.