Tracing the Bullet / by Kate Browne

Cocoon The Bronx: Tracing the Bullet 2016-2018 by Kate Browne

The Bronx Cocoon was unveiled and illuminated on the evening of May 19, 2018. Noriko Sugiura shot and edited this 2-minute video of the performance.

See portraits and photographs from the Bronx Cocoon by Eric Etheridge.

Thank you most of all the 200 local people who were shared their stories for the project and whose voices were heard in the Cocoon.


Production Lighting Design: Alison Brummer

Production Manager: Martial Buisson

Production Coordinator: Phoebe Antoniw

Supporters: bykatebrowne, Inc., S.O.S. Save Our Streets, Bronx and Wave Hill

Field Organizers: Taj Collins, Jewels Marshall, Cynthia Marshall, Gabi Marshall and Kyasia Davis

Artist Assistants: Mirana Zuger and Ilana Markoff

Interpreter: Alejandro Salgado

Hosted by: Morrisania Air Rights (Pres. Chaney Yelverton), Andrew Jackson Houses (Pres. Danny Barber), and Melrose Houses (Pres. Jenny Cruz). Tenant Associations & M.A.R Community Room.

Local Participating Groups: Residents at Morrisania Air Rights Houses, Residents at Jackson Houses , Residents at Melrose Houses, Morris 1 Houses & Pres. Barbara Holmes, Inner City Gun Violence Prevention & Pastor Henry, EMS/EMT, Lincoln Hospital Trauma Unit, Dr. John Porter, Director and Trauma Surgeon, Trauma Center, Cooper University Hospital, Save Our Streets SOS South Bronx and Morrisania, PSA 7, Kathy Ortiz/School Principal, Hakeim Yahmadi, La Paz Funeral Home/Funeral Director & Mortician, BIO Team Blood Clean-up, PSS Senior Center at Jackson and MARs.